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The practise for veterinary medicine Kirchmann is on the shepherd's court in centre of the cultural capital in 2010 - the Ruhr area. The exposed position offers short ways and journeys in the horse-riding centres in the "Muensterland", in the "Bergisches Land", up to the European boarder countries the Netherlands and Belgium. Veterinarian Kirchmann has straightened the Focus of her activities and professions on the horse-racing and disposes of additional qualifications.

You find a suitable extract of her academic references here:

- In 1975 born in Kassel (Hesse)

- horse-riding, versatility

- in 1995 a-level exam

- from July, 1995 to July, 1996 Hugo Simon horse court, horse-riding

- October 1996-of January, 2002 veterinary medicine study university of Leipzig

- licence to practise medicine February, 2002

- from February, 2002 activity as a veterinarian in the horse practise:

// among other things with Dr. Harald Göbel, Vöhl (orthopaedic and surgical horse practise)

// with Dr. Knut Neumann-Kleinpaul, Dusseldorf (professional veterinarian for horses)

// in the veterinary clinic for horses, Dres. Zehl and Merkt

// in 2002/2003 research team heart centre Leipzig under Prof. Dr. Stefan Dhein

- in 2006 education vacation

- continuing education from January, 2006 to February, 2007 - physio therapic and osteopathic horse treatment (education centre horse therapy B. World-saluting gun), 300 education hours

- 01st April, 2007 independence: Practise for osteopathic and physio therapeutic horse treatment

- April, 2007 therapist recognition by the German rideability union (FN)

- continuing education in 2008 animal acupuncture

- in 2009/2010 postgraduates course at International College for Research on Equine Osteopathy

Bjela Kirchmann is beside her technical competence also even an extended good rider. Up to her school-leaving exam she practiced this as a serious sport, her passion was counted for the versatility. Moreover, from 1995 to 1996 she was active on the Court Hugo Simon in horse-riding, before she starts her veterinarian-medical study. She lives together with her husband - lawyer Gordon Kirchmann - and her son on the shepherd's court.