What is a physiotherapy?

The medical defnition says that the physiotherapy is a general suggestion or specifc treatment of disturbed physiological functions. The treatment occurs with physical, natural means: e.g., water, warmth and cold, light, air, static-mechanically (massage), with dynamic processes, electricity, etc..

In contrast to Osteopathy is able to - but must not be used - the physiotherapy comprehensively. Here single structures (e.g., muscles after muscle spannings, tendons are also treated after injuries, specifc muscle construction to the rehabilitation and a lot more) according to problems And also with the physiotherapy the look at the body is directed as a whole.

When and why physical therapy horse treatment?

The operational area of the physical therapy treatment does not differ splendidly from that of the osteopathic treatment. Often both types of treatment go over fuently into each other or are used in addition to each other. The osteopathic treatment is a purely manual form of treatment, while aids also physical with the physical therapy (physiotherapy) are used.

The horse physiotherapy wants to and must act in the harmony and as a supplement with the veterinarian, the horse dentist, the rider incl. trainer, the smith and perhaps other therapists for the purposes of the health and the well-being of the horse.

When do horses need a physiotherapeutische treatment?

- Nervous injuries

- tendons, tape injury

- back problems

- with muscle scribing or muscle fber tear

- as a preparation on competitions

- to the rehabilitation

- as a prevention of spannings and injuries

- sudden refusals in the obstacle

- tact mistake

- achievement low-pressure

- area with constant stiffness and contumacy

- Rideability problems

- with various kinds of lameness (after more previously veterinary clarifcation)

- with the contumacies with the horse riding which are not caused by rideability problems

- with bad posture


My offer of physio therapetic treatments hydrotherapy:

- Kneipp downpours

- Icelolly compress

- hot role

- tonus lowering massage (with muscle spannings, being relaxing massage)

- different technologies friction massage (massage technology to tapes, tendons, to wide-fat muscle attempts)

- manual lymphatic drainage

- mobilisation and extending exercises