Acupuncture with the horse

The acupuncture is a subrange of the traditional Chinese veterinary medicine.

Acupuncture belongs to the regularisation therapies and works in the area of the energetics. Those functional disturbances can be recognised in the body early and be treated still before entry of a pathological change. Basically it must be said that acupuncture cannot cure destroyed again, but adjust only.

After Chinese philosophy illness originates from an energetic imbalance in the body. Acupuncture therapy should compensate the energy, correct theenergy river and contribute thereby to the healing.

The western medicine explains itself the effect of the acupuncture as follows: Nervous ends are stimulated by the needle sting at a certain place. These lead the information further to the spinal cord and specifc areas of the brain what leads again to the decrease of the pain impulse forwarding. Transmission materials belonging to body and opiates (e.g., to endorphin and Dynorphin) are released. Acupuncture places on materials belonging to body and is practically free of doping and free of side effect.

Especially well the acupuncture is suited with the following indications:

- Muscle spannings

- to back problems

- breath way illnesses

- disturbances of the senses and gender organs

- psychic reassurance